Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I'm LOVING Wednesday

I'm LOVING that I am so close to having all our laundry DONE! I just have one more load to throw in the washer, and then I'll wash our sheets and trade them out and WOOHOO I'll be done. I guess the sad thing about laundry is no matter what you do, you'll always have SOMETHING in the hamper since you'll have to wash the clothes off your back. Oh well, a girl can try right?

I'm LOVING that I got to spend ALL weekend with my love and celebrate his birthday. We went on two date nights in a row and I just soaked up spending time with him. I LOVE weekends like that.

I'm LOVING that my honey got a lot of gifts he wanted and am loving the gift I made him. 
*Tutorial Soon*

I'm LOVING that I mailed out my Pajama Party invitations and love how they turned out. They are simple but I think they turned out really cute. Here's a picture of one that was left over and not cut out all the way, but you get the idea:

I'm LOVING that along with the laundry, all our dishes are done and put away and I'm finding that working a little EACH night is much easier than waiting a few days for chores. My philosophy is work each night to keep things clean and we'll have a happier, cleaner home. :]

I'm LOVING dreaming about the holidays and decided come mid decorations are going up!

I'm LOVING my wedding photos and need to order some for our house.

And, as always, I'm LOVING my husband and how sweet he is to me.


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