Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Telling Your Daddy

Little Baby Lawrence,

You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t mention telling your daddy about being pregnant with you on July 29th, 2012. That is because, I DIDN’T tell him! I took a pregnancy test that night after getting home from Panguitch, UT and was SO excited. I would have loved to tell your daddy right then and there but I knew I wanted to tell him that we were expecting a bundle of joy in a cute way so I held in my excitement. In fact, I held it in all the way until the next night.

You see, since we had been trying for a couple months, I thought of a REALLY cute way to break the news to your daddy. For past birthdays, I have given your dad presents explaining why I love him (for example, 22 reasons I love him for his 22nd birthday). Since this has been a theme throughout our relationship, I wanted to tell your dad in a way that was similar to this so that it would be that much more special when breaking the news. I decided I wanted to tell your daddy 40 reasons (for the 40 weeks I’ll be pregnant with you) why he’ll be the BEST dad and present it in a really cute way. I made my way down to Wal-Mart (telling your dad I was going shopping for his birthday a little early) and bought pink and blue balloons, a helium tank, some string, a photo album, and the 40 reasons why I think he’ll be a wonderful dad I printed at the photo center. Once I got all my supplies, I headed home to start working on my fun surprise.

I worked hard to hurry and blow up all 40 balloons and tie them with string (a process that takes much longer than you’d expect).

Once all the balloons were ready, I taped 1 reason why your daddy will be the best daddy ever to each balloon. Then I placed all the balloons with attached reasons over our bed and snapped a couple pictures to document everything. 

Since your daddy was home while I was working on his surprise, I had to make him promise not to come into our bedroom. I didn’t want him to get any ideas or guess what I was about to tell him, and let me tell you, he had NO idea.

Once I was ready to show your daddy what I’d been working on, I told him to close his eyes and come into the bedroom. When he opened his eyes he saw all the pink and blue balloons and he had a paper in his hands that read “40 reasons why you'll be the best daddy in the world! (For the 40 weeks your wife will be pregnant)"

It took him a minute to realize what I was telling him, and once he got it he was SO happy. Your daddy gave me a big hug and I could tell he was so excited for this new journey we were about to go on together. I was so happy that I started crying (something you’ll have to get used to with me as your mommy)! 

I couldn’t wait for your daddy to read all the reasons I came up with to tell him why he’ll be the best daddy in the world. Your daddy took the time to read all 40 reasons and we just soaked up the moment together. 

I hope you can tell how much your daddy means to me. He truly is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I am so grateful that I can call him my husband and that you will get to call him your daddy. I’m so grateful that we’ll all get to be together forever and that we’ll get to learn and grow together. Your daddy and I are so excited to meet you and are looking forward to the month of March when you’ll make your debut. We love you so much!