Friday, July 31, 2009

i'm in love

and i'm trying to find a better job.
and i'm not ready to start school, yet i'm kind of anxious for it at the same time.
and i love to cook and can't wait to make dinner the next two nights.
and i'm the luckiest girl in the world.
and i have the most amazing guy in my life.
and i can't wait for the future.
and i love thinking about how great my life is going to be.
and i love doing grown up things, like budgeting and planning meals.
and i can't wait to get married and have a family! :]
i love my life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009




At least that's what I'm hoping for. I've had enough of the fast food industry. Bring on the real job por favor!



~my boyfriend and am so thankful for all he does for me.
~diet vanilla coke.
~vacations and am growing to NEED one every month.
~looking good for my boyfriend.
~feelings 100% comfortable around Andrew.
~cooking and baking.
~planning my future.
~thinking about my wedding.
~getting healthier.
~hot fudge sundaes. (doesn't really go along with getting healthier, i know.)
~becoming a responsible adult.
~learning more about the gospel.

Home at last.

This past weekend I went to Panguitch, Utah with Andrew and mi familia. IT WAS A BLAST, aside from my emotional problems that is. I've come to realize that people can REALLY hurt my feelings without them even knowing it. I guess I'm just a really sensitive person. But anyways, back to the trip.
I already covered the ride up there so I'll go from there.
Thursday July 23rd included:
A Bryce Canyon hike with Andrew and mi Madre. It was beautiful but what was supposed to be an "easy" hike was pretty tough, especially on my fragile Momma. It was fun though either way and I'm glad we went. Later that day we just relaxed and waited for Krista and my Daddy to make it into town. They did and we just hungout around Grama's house and had pizza. A pretty good day.

Friday, July 24th included:

A VERY HAPPY PIONEER DAY! Andrew and I woke up and went to the pancake breakfast (so did my Aunt Shaun, Mandy, and Hayley. Then we came home and took a nap, followed by the parade which was a lot of fun. After that was over, Andrew and I went on a short quad ride before the BBQ luncheon. The rest of the day involved a nap and the rodeo at night! After the rodeo we went and got our fishing licenses then Andrew and I went to Henries for some dipped cones and at them in one of the church's parking lots. On our way home Andrew stopped and picked me some cute daises! He's the best boyfriend EVER! I LOVE the 24th of July in Panguitch! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world!
Saturday, July 25th included:

MY SISTER'S 23rd BIRTHDAY! We started the day off by waking up at 5 to go fishing. Jared came with my Parents, Krista, Andrew and I and we all caught a few fish except Andrew had horrible luck when it came to catching fish and he caught none. I don't know why the fish didn't want to nibble at his bait...probably because they knew they would recieve a quick death if they did, haha. After fishing we had Henrie's for lunch SO GOOD! Then took a nap (as you can see Panguitch is full of food and naps, haha!) and later that night went to the Pine's for dinner. Zack, Lindsay, and Jackson came too and then after we went back to Grama's for presents, cake, and ice cream. I think she had a pretty good birthday!
Then finally, Sunday July 26th included:

Church in the morning. Then a trip to the cemetary to see my Grandpa Lewis' grave. After that we got ready to leave and Andrew and I went down by the lake and had lunch then went on a short quad ride to our carved tree where we added a new date and took some pictures. Then it was time to go home! :[ On the way home though we stopped at this beautiful (and some what scary) over-look thing and took some pictures before the rest of our journey back to Henderson!
I'm really glad I got to go to Panguitch and that Andrew could come with me and experience what I've been doing since I can remember! It was a GREAT vacation overall, full of old traditions and new experiences as well. :]

Friday, July 24, 2009


I'll post more pictures from my amazing Panguitch vacation Sunday or something. I had a great day though. The pancake breakfast, the parade, long naps, the BBQ, and the Rodeo were all so fun! And getting sunflowers from Andrew just made it even better!

I'll post more later, until then, goodnight! <3

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i LOVE my sister and am so glad she got to come to Panguitch! YAYAY!

that's all, goodnight!

we made it!

After quite a few delays, including me falling back asleep and having to clean my room, we finally left for panguitch today (well I guess it's considered yesterday seeing as it's 1:30 in the morning...or 2:30 utah time). Because I was so far behind that caused a fight with Andrew and then a few more tifts happened on the way up due to car problems and such, but we finally made it to grandma's house in Panguitch! Don't worry though...I took a few pictures from the ride up here:

Andrew and I had to take Maxie with us so my mom could leave straight from work! He loved the car ride. He also loves to give kisses. Haha.

Andrew HAS TO HAVE his seeds when he drives so he doesn't fall asleep. I got an action shot of the typical seed chewing! :]And this is Maxie...the last picture from today who is SO upset he has to be trapped in his kennal at night here now...ANOTHER result of the dang sleeping upstairs rule. At least he wasn't trapped in it the whole way up here, right?

We haven't really done anything yet, since we got here pretty 10 or so utah time, but I have high hopes for the rest of the trip even with all the new rules in place! Grandma suddenly made it so none of us can sleep downstairs (which is where we sleep EVERY YEAR) so we are all sweltering upstairs in the non-air-conditioned house while she sleeps downstairs. She said she won't budge on the issue either. We'll see how hot and uncomfortable we are tonight to see how tomorrow's sleeping arrangements go! We also have to only use this weird entry door so the carpet doesn't get a lot of traffic on it. It's weird though since we are always in the living room anyways so either way it's going to get traffic. Whatever, I guess we just have to comply. I hope all these new rules don't mess with the fun-ness that IS Panguitch for the 24th of July.

Anyways... Momma got here an hour or so before us and Dad, Krista, and Zack, Lindsay, and Jackson are coming up tomorrow. I can't wait for the parade and all the 24th festivities and then Krista's birthday celebration on the 25th as well! It's tradition to come up here at this time of the year and I'm so glad we have continued coming.

I better go to sleep though since Andrew said he wants to go on a hike in Bryce Canyon tomorrow...I know, EEK! But I'm sure it will be fun. I better be well rested though, so goodnight!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

let's get this party started

So, for some reason I'm really excited to have this blog yet I have NO IDEA where to start. So many things are going through my head but I guess I just need to pick one thing to start with and run with it...

I guess all I can do is start with one of the most important parts of my life right now, and that's Andrew Richard Lawrence, aka the man of my dreams. I've been wanting to write down our whole little "story" since we started dating but either I couldn't find the right journal to buy or I just never sat down and wrote it, so I'm finally doing what needed to happen a long time ago.

Let's see, the whole thing started when one night I went shopping with my cousin Sara for some last minute Christmas presents in December 2008. I was home from school at USU for Christmas break and she wanted to hangout so I figured it would be the perfect time. She hadn't told me that she planned on going bowling with some of her friends after and since she was the only one that drove (my car was still up in Logan) I was somewhat forced to go along to the bowling extravaganza which I wasn't looking forward too because, to say the least, we don't have the same group of friends. In the past whenever I would go to things at her house where her friends were involved I would stay in the kitchen and talk to my Aunt and Uncle so I wasn't too excited to go and spend time with strangers that I had nothing in common with. She had mentioned that her new friend/newly returned missionary was going too but I didn't really think too much of it. When we got there I surprisingly knew the people that were there but because I didn't talk to them too much I wasn't WAY comfortable. I had already decided against bowling so I just planned on texting my friends the whole time to keep myself occupied. Finally, the unknown RM finally showed up late and changed things a little bit. That RM was Andrew.

When he first got there he introduced himself, by...what else....shaking my hand. At first I was just like, whatever, this kids going to be a weirdo and I'm going to have an awkward night ahead of me. But needless to say, I was so wrong! When we sat down at the tables and I watched everyone take their turns bowling I started to notice how cute Andrew was. He started making small talk and getting the conversation going (which he is really good at, probably those years on the mission) and everything he said attracted me more and more. Sara even laughed at me and said I stared at him everytime he got up to bowl, which I, of course, denied. I just loved talking to him and he seemed to be everything I wanted in a boy, and I knew it even though we had just met. The conversation lasted the whole time at the bowling alley and I loved that he messed around and joked with me as well.

I did my best to show that I was interested, including offering my great navigation skills. You see, we had planned to go back to Sara's after the bowling was over and he didn't know where she lived so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get to know him a little better. I tried flirting and everything but he was half asleep at Sara's house I don't even think he noticed. (He now says that he was flirting too, he just was playing the game....I didn't like that, haha). I even offered to show him how to get out of Sara's some-what confusing neighborhood at the end of the night but he didn't take the bait and I was instead taxied home by Sara.

Even though nothing happened that night I still told my mom, one of my bestfriends, Caitie, and my Aunt how CUTE I thought Andrew was and how he was the man of my dreams. I was certain of it. I also wasn't sure if I would even see him again and didn't think he felt the same way but I figured if Sara offered more hangout plans that involved him I would definitely go. Too bad my whole time home didn't involve any dates with the darn boy. Instead he took Sara on a date (which I was SO jealous of but pretended I wasn't) and hungout with her most of the time I was home. He even went to the extremes of making fun of UFC and going on and on about how dumb it was one night when we both were at Sara's house just to make me mad (again, he said that was part of the game and he was hanging out with Sara as a friend...Guy's just are too tricky I guess cause me AND Sara thought they were hanging out as more). Needless to say, although I was SO interested in Andrew and he made me want to be a better person, even in those few days I hungout with him, nothing happened and I went back to school thinking nothing would come of my little Christmas Break crush and I'd just go on living my life.

LUCKILY, things changed though one day and while I was at school making a ton of stupid decisions and getting back into habits I had TONS of hope I'd change, Andrew came back into the picture. One day I got on facebook and out of the blue I had a friend request from him. I hadn't even talked to him or anything and had no contact with him, yet out of the blue he was thinking of me and found me on Facebook. I figured maybe he would say something to me or at least say hi, but that never happened. I even commented him finally one day and made a dumb joke but he didn't return the favor. I didn't know why he wanted to be in my social network but figured he had no intentions of talking to me so I again gave up hope and just continued living my life.

Months passed and finally March and SPRING BREAK came! I was SO SO SO excited to be going home and I couldn't wait to see my friends and family. The Monday of Spring Break (March 9th) I got a call from Sara inviting me to FHE. I didn't want to go and I even called my Mom to try to find something else to do. I didn't want to be in an awkward situation with people I didn't really know, but nothing else was planned so I decided I'd spend some time with Sara and go with her. She picked me up and on the way there she said something about how Andrew might be there...big whoop I thought. Yeah he was cute, but that's all there was to it. Nothing was going to happen. We got there and found out we were going to play some dodgeball/kickball type game and I of course didn't want to get injured so I convinced Sara to just stay in the back and talk to me. I would sneak glances of Andrew but I didn't have any plans of talking to him. In fact I was trying to find faults in him so I wouldn't think about how cute he was, I know, I'm pathetic. Anyways... I was just standing when suddenly he waved at me. And I waved back thinking, sweet at least he said "Hi." but wasn't really hoping for anything else.

FHE eventually ended and Sara said that we were going to go to dinner with a few people people after the boys played basketball. I said that was fine and while we were waiting Andrew came up and talked to us. He asked how and where I'd been and said that he for sure wanted to hangout with us afterword. I secretly was really happy about that. After the boys played basketball we decided to go to a restaurant called Little Carmine's and when Sara and I were going to her car Andrew said that we should ride with him (And he had one of his HOT trucks with him, another thing that attracted me to him. I love a man with a truck! haha) and he would bring us back afterwords. So, we got in and went to dinner. At dinner he sat by me and said he wanted to share dinner and ended up paying for my food too. The chemistry was just there. We kept hitting our knees or whatever and at the very end before we left he finally grabbed my hand! :] I was falling fast and couldn't help but think the whole thing was a dream. We went to Sonic after dinner so Sara could get us some free drinks and while she was in Sonic he grabbed my hand and we just talked while his friend Mark sat in the back, haha. Finally on the way back to Sara's car, Andrew made up the excuse that I should let him take me home so he could take me on a date later in the week. I of course said yes.

We held hands the whole way to my house and when we first got out front RIGHT AWAY he tried to kiss me. I stopped him before he could make the move and said "I know your brother said if a girl will hold your hand she'll kiss you, and that's probably true but not yet." Basically, I shut him down, but he still came inside and we watched Click (I'm learning I have an amazing memory, haha). Eventually the movie got boring and he was more interesting and I let him kiss me. That was it, our first kiss. On my couch in the family room.

The next day I wasn't sure if he'd talk to me, but sure enough he did. The whole week, in fact, we spent every night together. Tuesday we went to Rob West's house and he didn't hesitate to show his affection, as if we were already full on dating in front of people from the Single's Ward. Wednesday he invited me to his house to watch "Almost Heroes" and he was always a gentlemen, coming to pick me up and such. That night he said we were "together" and I wasn't sure what all that meant but I didn't want to ruin it by asking questions. Thursday night he took me to institue and buffalo wild wings. Then we went to his house and he asked me to be his girlfriend. March 12, 2008. I wasn't sure if he knew what he was getting himself into seeing as I went to school in Logan, but I said if he was willing to do it, so was I, and I haven't regretted it since. Friday we went to a bonfire with his friends which included our first encounter with the police together, for doing nothing wrong I mind you. Saturday we went to a carnival with Stephy and Kierstin and then went to his house. And Sunday he went to church with me before I had to make the long drive up to Logan to go back to school. I didn't know it then, but I was already in love with him, I can tell looking back at it now and I'm SO GRATEFUL I met him when I did and changed my life for the better as a result of him being in my life.

I could have gone back to USU and gotten into my old bad habits but instead I started to go to church more (with no pressure from Andrew at all, but because of my own wishes) and gained a testimony I'd never thought I'd have. He really does make me want to be a better person I'll always be thankful for what he has taught me.

The months up at school before summer were pretty hard but that didn't stop us from talking on the phone everynight (sometimes until the sun came up.) He even told me he loved me (on March 20th) WAY before I was ready but when he came up to see me the first time I knew I loved him too and told him how I felt on April 2nd! He couldn't go too long without seeing me and even ran 3 miles to catch a ride with his buddies to come visit. He came a total of 3 times and I'm SO glad he did because I lived for those visits.

Now that I'm back in Henderson our relationship has grown even more. It hasn't always been easy and I know we've only been together for 4 months but I'm so in love with him. He's everything I've ever wanted and everything I need in a man. He makes me so happy and makes me want to be the person I know I should be. I've experienced so many new things with him including supercross, my first ATV crash, trips to places like Panguitch, Arizona, and the lake. He is always so thoughtful and always tells me how much I mean to him and how beautiful I am. He is the most amazing guy in the world and I don't know what I would do without him. These past 4 months have changed my whole life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't wait for all the adventures that are yet to come and I know our love will just grow stronger and stronger. I thank Heavenly Father as often as I can for sending Andrew into my life. I know we were supposed to meet when we did and I know I'm 100 times the girl I was at the beginning of the year. It may seem dumb to write all this down, but looking back on the past 7 months I'm so thankful I chose to go to that bowling alley that night.

I know this ended up being the longest blog entry in the history of blog entries but I can't wait to look back on this in a few months and re-read the story of our relationship. Our adventures will only continue. Next up: Panguitch tomorrow until Sunday for Pioneer Day! I CAN'T WAIT!

Until next time, goodbye! <3

Monday, July 20, 2009

New to this

So, I decided to start one of these blogs up because I really enjoy reading up on other people's lives and decided it wouldn't be as weird if people had the opportunity to read up on mine as well. This is my first ever "blog" post and hopefully I keep up with it and have many more in the future.

Because this is my first post and because it's also 1:27 in the morning I figure I better keep this one short. I'll update more tomorrow about my really fun weekend with Andrew and about my exciting week to come!

Until then, Goodnight! <3