Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sweet Moments to Remember

My husband is so sweet.
This weekend I was feeling crappy and had horrid cramps.
I told my hubby I wasn't feeling well so he took me home from church after sacrament meeting so I could lay down.
At home I was REALLY wishing we had a heating pad, and of course we didn't but guess who was willing to go buy one?
That's RIGHT! My sweet hubby went to CVS where he got me all that I asked for and rushed home to the rescue.
He gave me the heating pad, tucked me in, and let me sleep the day away.
It was exactly what I needed, and a small, sweet gesture that really meant a lot.

I'm so grateful for my amazing husband and all he does for me.
I couldn't ask for more and am SO thankful I get to spend forever with him.


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