Monday, August 22, 2011


I LOVE my husband and am so glad I get to spend forever with him.
However, one thing that I hope changes soon in our journey is his night time ritual and our bedroom fan situation...

You see, even when our room is cold enough on its own, my cute husband insists on having our fan on while he sleeps. A fan that he HAD to buy because the little nightstand fan he had was too small.
He claims that he gets too hot at night and that the fan is a must.
Without the fan it simply gets too hot in our room and that cannot happen.
Also, sleeping with just the sheet is also out of the question because that just isn't comfy enough.
Oh my silly husband...

While my husband may think all of the things above, all I see is my sweet husband wrapped up in the covers.
I see him all snuggled up to keep warm and turning his back to that awful fan.
I see myself freezing to death while the fan rotates back and forth and hoping that somehow the fan will get stuck mid rotation and blow on our feet all night.

I can only hope to someday convince my hubby that the fan is not needed.
However, until then here I am lying awake and wishing I had more blankets to snuggle under.

Boy am I thankful we live in Nevada where it never gets TOO cold.
And BOY am I glad it's almost fall and this pesky fan will be put in our closet and I'll get to break out my lovely space heater.
Let's just say, I can't WAIT for fall to arrive and I can't WAIT to hide this fan.

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