Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things I am LOVING

In the spirit of February and Valentine's Day, here are some things I am loving right about now:



-LOSING WEIGHT: I can't believe I let myself gain so much weight and I am definitely happy I'm getting back on track. I should have never let myself go. Ugh. Here is a picture from high school when I HATED how much I weighed:

This was senior year on twin day, and while I love Giules, I hate this picture, haha. I guess it is more motivation to lose weight. ESPECIALLY because a few months after this was taken, I joined Weight Watchers and eventually looked like this:

And I still was self conscious in this picture. WHAT was I thinking? I looked good, haha. NOW after getting married, I let myself gain a ton of weight (bad mistake) and I am back to square one. This time, however it's staying off. Goodbye married weight:

This will be the last time you see me at this weight! I've already lost 5 pounds and am going to Weight Watchers with TONS of motivation.

-WORKING OUT: I started a dance class with my sister and it is SO fun. While I do realize how out of shape I am because of it, I love it so far and am getting my groove on, haha. I also am going to the gym more which I enjoy.

-My puppies

-Getting my nails done!

-Working on our house with my hubby.

-Painting furniture.

-Getting flowers.

-Valentine's decorations.

-My new blog background.

-And updating my blog.

What are you loving?

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  1. GIrl! I know what you mean! When I lost my weight and got skinny, I was still so self consious about myself, I look bad and say the same thing! I think I was on a healthy high lol I keep thinking I needed to loose more. But you just gotta be feeling good with what you have :)


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