Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Babysitting...My Long Lost Joy

I used to love babysitting when I was younger. Good money for watching kids...who wouldn't love it? I wish I could do that more often now, but I don't think married girls are on the top of people's babysitters list. However, I do get to watch my nephew and niece from time to time and who WOULDN'T love watching the CUTEST babies ever?

 Police man...just like his Daddy.
 BFFs! <3

 Whoopsies. Auntie Kayla should have washed his face off before this picture, haha.
 3. POOR baby Payton! :[
Jackson is a GREAT photographer and LOVES taking pictures. He always says "Let me see," after he takes them too. :]

Needless to say, I am so lucky to have such amazing family. AND I get to babysit my cousin's daughter on Tuesday nights now too. Who can complain? :]


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