Tuesday, February 1, 2011


WE GOT A NEW PUPPY! In November my co-worker (who LOVES her dogs) showed me a puppy on the Henderson shelter website that she was dying to get. She already had the limit of dogs you can own in Henderson though, so she convinced me that I needed to go take a look at him. I felt SO bad for all the puppies in the shelter and OF COURSE had to take Duke home. Unfortunately he had to get his members removed, so I had to leave him in the horrible shelter and we didn't get him until the following Monday. On that Monday though we brought him home to meet DAISY! 

After a little bit of a rough patch, including him trying to bite Daisy when we put food down and him whining a lot, Daisy and Duke are the best of friends. Duke is still a little whiney, but we think he will grow out of that as he grows out of the puppy stages. We also hope they both grow out of chewing things like our carpet and back of our couch. Oh, if only...


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