Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not enough hours in the day...

So, I'm sitting here watching food network when I technically should be either sleeping in Meadview, AR or driving there right now. You see, working two jobs and having a hubby that works his butt off every day makes plans not always end up happening accordingly. After work tonight, I had to rush to Walgreens to pick up some pictures, then go to Big Five to take care of some business, drive to my parents house and get some insurance information along with another wedding card and A LETTER FROM JOHN ANDERSON! :] Following that I had to rush to Walmart to finish up Andrew's Daddy's gift as well as Andrew's Valentine's gift. Then as it is approaching 10:00 pm drive to Subway to pick up dinner. You see, in the life of the busy people, they don't eat at times that are appropriate. When I finally got home around 10:30, I was welcomed by BEAUTIFUL Valentine's Day flowers from my hubby! :]

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL? They OF COURSE have Gerber Daisies, which we had in our wedding! :] After I got to admire these babies for 2 whole seconds, I had to hurry and eat and write a paper that was due at 11:59. RIGHT when I went to turn it in, OF COURSE WebCampus wouldn't work so I had to email my paper to my teacher and it was late. I hope she understands. LALALA following that I had to finish up the cupcakes I had started before work today, and finish up my VERY FIRST Banana Cream Pie I made as part of Pop's birthday present.
Hopefully it tastes good, and hopefully he likes it. Pops didn't want any presents this year, but OF COURSE I told Andrew we had to get him something, so hopefully he likes the pie.

After I finished all my domestic tasks, I came in to ask my Hubby (who is peacefully sleeping) if we were going to make the trek tonight or wait until tomorrow. I'm kind of glad he chose tomorrow, because our house is a WRECK! There is no way I'd leave all those dishes in the sink, and I still have to wrap Pop's present and Andrew's Valentine's Day Present so it's ready for Sunday.

Needless to say, I try to fit all this stuff into not enough hours in the day. I hope we wake up at a decent hour and make it to Meadview and make Pop's birthday wishes come true. Now I gotta hurry and wrap some gifts and hit the hay, seeing as it is almost 2:00 in the morning.



  1. Kayla....can I just say that you are amazing. I wish I could be as eventful and task oriented as you. Just keep on truckin' girl. The school and work will pay off someday :) I hope you and Andrew had a great Valentines Day! Hope to see you at the wedding!


  2. Awh, thanks girl! I know that school and work will pay off, I just wish that it would pay off NOW haha. And thanks, we had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I hope you guys had fun too! And we have your announcement on the fridge, so plan on seeing us there! I don't think anything will make it so we can't go, fingers crossed!


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