Monday, February 1, 2010

Forget Desperate, try DOMESTIC HOUSEWIFE! :]

Is it bad that I absolutely LOVE doing the motherly/wifely duties that are really stereotypical? I know I complain sometimes about cleaning, but when it comes down to it, I love knowing that I just did the dishes, or did the laundry. I also love having a clean house and can't wait to have our house finished. Along with that, I'm SO GLAD our kitchen is back in commission now because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO COOK!

I just realized this, but making food (that tastes GREAT) is so much fun for me. I love trying new recipes and actually succeeding with them, or realizing what I would like to change about the given recipe for next time. I haven't made one thing for Andrew and I that I would NEVER EVER make again, and I can't wait to be able to cook more and more. I love going shopping, and getting stuff ready for our family, even if it is only Andrew and I. Which follows into my next weakness: THE BABY AISLE AT TARGET! OH MY GOSH, I just have to rush by everytime so I don't think about having a bun in the oven. To be honest though, the thought makes me SO HAPPY and I absolutely can't wait to start a family with my amazing husband. I just know I should be a mom. Do you ever get that feeling, when it just FEELS right? I hope my dreams come true, and one day I am able to become one. We talked about waiting at least a year, so we can get settled and go on some adventures together, but as of right this moment, I would be willing to just say nevermind. Either way, whatever is supposed to happen will happen, and I just can't wait to keeping cooking for my hubby, and one day have the responsibility of cooking for a whole family. If only house wifes got paid, right? :]


  1. Girl I feel u! I feel like beig a mom/ housewife I just my calling! Lol! I'm so happy for u!:)

  2. :] Thanks girl! Do you plan on being a mommy anytime soon?

  3. we wish! WE really want to at least have two dependable vechiles lol I have a 2 door ranger so not mommy practical LOL We do have his truck which is very dependable. Also, we want better health insurance because thats our biggest monthly bill! LOL And I want to stay home! haha so I will teach this year ( if i get hired LOL) then were planning on prolly getting prego then We will see =D How about you?

  4. Awh yeah, I totally understand the car issue. I have a little saturn 4 door, which technically would be okay, but Andrew wants something stronger and safer if we ever were to get in an accident. And yeah, we don't even have health insurance yet, so we won't be getting pregnant for at least a little while. I also want to be able to stay home with my babies as much as possible and working two jobs at the moment doesn't make that a possibility. In fact, we said we were going to wait at least a year just so we can experience married life. Who knows what will actually happen though cause we definitely both want to be parents! :] When it's supposed to happen it will.


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