Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wishful Weekends

Sorry I have been MIA in blog land lately.
I went on a WONDERFUL needed vacation to Kauai which left me spending time relaxing rather than behind the computer.

Now that vacation is over, however, and I have been home a couple weeks now, I think it's time to get back on track.
Because of this, I am going to introduce topics to write about to keep me on track.
To start, I'll introduce "Wishful Weekends."
This will give me the chance to share with you any of my current hopes, dreams, wish lists, etc.
Please feel free to join in on the fun! :]

Isn't this bag SUPER cute?
I wish I had this adorable purse right now.
Urban Outfitters is my go to store for purses. I always find ones I LOVE.
While looking for a cute white purse, I spotted this baby and think I may need it.
I don't have a cute brown purse and this one would definitely be a great addition to my purse collection.
Has anyone seen any cute white purses recently? I really think it would be a great accessory to add to my collection.

I wish I was on vacation with my hubby.
Luckily we don't have to wait much longer until we are in beautiful Panguitch, Utah on our annual vacation.
I honestly can't wait.

I wish I was at my goal weight.
Luckily I started going to Jazzercise again more regularly and plan on keeping it up.
I'm also going to water aerobics starting on Monday and I'm super stoked.
Once I make it to goal we will be one step closer to starting our family.
I can't wait to become a mother and look forward to the day I become a mother.

I wish our house was done, but we are getting closer and closer each day.
Our front room is practically done now, beside a few odds and ends things I want to buy.
I need a long, skinny entry way table, some pillows, and a rug and I'll be a happy camper.
I also will put some pictures up to make the room complete.
The next room I hope we do is our bathroom or kitchen. YAHOO!

I wish to someday finish my long list of current craft projects.
Hopefully this upcoming week will be a major crafting week for me.
Are you doing any fun projects?

I wish to someday go to Paris.
After seeing Monte Carlo today, it definitely makes me want to go there on vacation.

What are you guys day dreaming about?


  1. I'm dreaming about the next time I get to see your beautiful face! And a dream came true that you updated your blog... I LOVE reading your blog! And I LOVE YOU!
    -Fista :]

  2. I LOVE YOU TOO KRIS! :] I hope you are loving Nashville! I can't wait to come visit. Hopefully sooner rather than later! :] You should start a blog yourself.


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