Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Decor: Short Lived

I absolutely LOVE the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...you name it! I love them all.
I believe in decorating for ALL holidays and really bringing the spirit of each season into our home. Each holiday brings different feelings and memories and I love the time I share with family and friends.

And while after reading this post you may not believe the statements above....and you may think I just am disregarding Thanksgiving like it doesn't deserve my time...please know that I DO love Thanksgiving. I really do! I just am MORE excited for Christmas this year. I just love the WHOLE Christmas spirit and everything that comes with the season.

So please forgive me if you are a die-hard "wait until after Thanksgiving until the Christmas decor comes out" type, because I have broken the golden rule.

On Halloween night I hurried and snapped pictures of our decor and rushed to take down all things Halloween to make way for Thanksgiving. I kept telling myself that the decorations would go up and last a few weeks if not more and then I'd make way for Christmas. I started off with high expectations and here are my Thanksgiving decorations in all their glory:

I know it's not much but I was stoked to have my Thanksgiving decor up and ready to go. However, I have to inform everyone that I lied to myself. The Thanksgiving decorations wouldn't last. I don't know if it was the Christmas movies, the talk of fun Christmas activities with friends, the gift planning, or the wintery weather, but two nights ago I convinced the hubs to break out my Christmas decor and the Thanksgiving decor is no more at the Lawrence house.

Never fear though...Thanksgiving isn't all forgotten. To show my appreciation for Thanksgiving we started a NEW tradition. One that lasts ALL MONTH with or without the decorations.
We started the THANKFUL TURKEY!
On November first I drew a turkey body and got to creating The Lawrence's Thankful Turkey. I made tons and tons of feathers to last us all month and each day both Andrew and I have to put a new feather on with something we are thankful for.
Here are some pictures to show what Mr. Thankful himself looks like:

Him without his feathers.

After day one....

A few days later...as you can tell my husband LOVES Diet Coke! :]

Mr. Thankful tonight!

I'm super glad we started this tradition and love seeing what Andrew says he is thankful for each day. I can't wait to continue this tradition as our family grows and see the changes in our lives.
I think EVERYONE should do a thankful turkey or at least count your blessings! Not only in November, but all year round!

If you decide to make your own Thankful Turkey please let me know! I'd love to see it! :]


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