Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I've been MIA for almost a month and I'm sorry.
There have been a lot of family events and Halloween planning around here and I just got distracted from the blog. I'll try to do better from now on...ESPECIALLY with so many fun things to show you this month.

This month will include posts about:

For now I'll share with you the "Save the Dates" I made for all of the fun Halloween activities I have in store:

I saw the template on Pinterest and altered it to fit my needs. Here's the original:

You can find an empty template by following the link...just another reason why I LOVE PINTEREST.

And speaking of the events I planned...tonight was the HAUNTED HOUSE DECORATING CONTEST.
My good friend Meagan was willing to host tonight's event and I was so thankful!
Each couple was in charge of bringing their own house and we decided to do an Italian themed potluck.
I decided to bring Fettuccine Alfredo and really cute Frankenstein Brownies.

I can't take credit for thinking these up all on my own. I saw them online a few years ago (Maybe on Betty Crocker?!) and made them for a Linger Longer but decided to make them again tonight! They were quite tasty if I do say so myself.
**On a side note, it was really rainy tonight and I had to put a tray on top of these to make sure they didn't get all wet and gross. On the way home there were left overs and I put them on my lap, but without thinking I started to get out of the car and DOWN the brownies went into the gutter. This may be a blessing in disguise though since I won't be tempted to eat these tasty (high calorie) treats, haha.**

Anyways, we ate good food and then decided to decorate our houses.
It was a lot of fun seeing what people decided to do to their houses. I don't have any pictures yet because Meagan took some on her camera, so I'll update this post when I get them.
I do have a picture of our finished house though:

We didn't win 1st place but I think it turned out pretty dang cute! Much better than last years:

Needless to say it was a lot of fun!

To top the night off I made cute favors for people to take home:

I saw an adorable favor idea on Pinterest awhile ago and knew I wanted to incorporate it into the holiday season. Here is the original pin:

CUTE HUH?! While out shopping I made sure I picked up Ghost Peeps, Graham Crackers, Hershey's Chocolate Bars, Ribbon, and clear bags.
I took a clear bag and put 1 graham cracker (broken in half along the line...so two pieces) in the bag, topped it with two Hershey's bars, and topped it with one Ghost Peep.
I tied the bag with black ribbon and knew it was missing a cute tag...

See what I mean? Cute...but missing something.
So I thought up a saying and went to creating. This is what I came up with:

Thank you for HAUNTING by! We can't wait to see you s'more this month at all of our spooktacular events."

Then I just added them to the bags for a very cute result:

I love having favors at events and think these turned out so cute.

I can't wait for the rest of the Halloween events and can't wait to have a great Halloween season. :]

Have you done anything Spooktacular lately?!


  1. Oh my gosh Kayla! You are just so cute! I am so sad I missed this. My facebook did not tell my phone about this night and I missed it which is way sad cause I LOVED last year! Now I know all the days now so I am excited! I love all the stuff you do for our dating group! PS the treats are soooo cute! Love you lots!


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