Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Halloween Fun

Sorry there was another huge gap in my posts... A few days after I posted I ventured to Nashville, TN with my Momma to visit my sister and her hubs. We spent a little over a week in the Dirty South and we even got to go to Charleston, SC. It was a fun trip and I'm glad I got to see my sister!
I'll post more about the trip later though, because this post is designated to more HALLOWEEN FUN!

When it comes to all the fun events I planned:

The day I got home from my vacation we had the "Scary Movie Night!" It was a lot of fun and I'm grateful that Brittney was able to host it. We just didn't watch any movies, haha! It was total girl time and boy time and it was so much fun!

The next event after that was supposed to be TREAT NIGHT but it got postponed. We'll be doing that on FRIDAY at my house and I'm super excited. :]

The next event on the list, which happened to be yesterday, was our PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST!
A bunch of our friends came over to eat yummy food and carve pumpkins. I had a ton of fun and I'm so glad people were able to come.

Here are the pumpkins:

My dorky pumpkin.

Andrew's Elvis pumpkin! He drew this himself. LOVE my talented hubby.

The Patchett's pumpkin!

The Fisher's pumpkin!

The Barrow's pumpkins. :]

Mine and my honey's pumpkins together. :]

I really had a ton of fun carving and who doesn't love a GOOD competition. Andrew's and The Patchett's pumpkins tied for first place! Since we were hosting, the Patchett's went home with the prize which was a pumpkin scented candle and some pumpkin shaped Reese's! :]

Like a lot of my events, I felt it was necessary for a favor to be handed out.
This is what I came up with:

All I needed was some clear bags, black ribbon, Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins, and a sweet note.
The note says: "You're one of the best pumpkins in the patch. Thank you for carving pumpkins with us! -The Lawrences"

They were really simple but I think they did the trick.

Now I'm looking forward to TREAT NIGHT on FRIDAY and our HALLOWEEN PARTY on SATURDAY!

Most of all I'm eager for CHRISTMAS and for all the fun events to be had!
Have you planned any fun events lately?! 


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