Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House Progress

I think I previously mentioned that I am no longer loving the blue in our front room.
I mean, it isn't a horrible color. It just doesn't say, "Welcome to our lovely home." It more like SCREAMS at you. I especially don't love it with our nice new tile.
So, what did we do? We went and looked for paint colors and decided on a nice, calm, welcoming yellow. We compared it to our tile and I was SURE it was the color...
Little did I know. I was totally wrong. Andrew started painting our hallway first (to test the color) and needless to say, I am not happy with the color.
I came home after babysitting to a nursery colored yellow, NOT my welcoming, calm yellow.
COMPLETE bummer.
On the bright side...Andrew said we can use the yellow as a primer when we paint the room....

GOOD old TAN! :]

I decided tan would be the best color. You can't go wrong and it will flow nicely into our red kitchen, green office/adventure room, grey guest/craft room, and (to be determined) bathroom.

I'm excited to find the perfect color for our front room and move on to our next project!

Here are some pictures of our house progress:

This is our hallway/mirror wall that has been in progress for EVER now. I probably have all the mirrors needed now, but after I've broken a few and because I haven't been able to ask Andrew for help, this still is unfinished. I'm excited to get the painting done so I can officially lay out the mirrors the way I want (not how they are pictured above) and get this project FINISHED.

Our tile progress...

Ignore the mess...doesn't the tile look the! Andrew did a really good job.

Please also excuse our furniture flung about...

OH THE HORROR! I really don't love the color. It is just so blah...
Isn't Daisy cute though?! She is my sidekick.

This makes the yellow look a little better, but trust isn't the right color.

I'm super grateful for my hubby putting up with me and my painting requests. He is the BEST! I LOVE YOU HONEY!

Wish us luck on our search to find the PERFECT tan! :]

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  1. How awesome! I want to come over and see the tile! It looks awesome Kayla!


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