Monday, October 18, 2010

Our the Middle of the Street

I absolutely love decorating our house and making it into a home. I am stoked to finally be able to say that we just need to touch up the rooms and we will be done painting the interior of the house for awhile. I always dream of how to make my house cute and start project after project...I just need to finish them! Because of this and the fact that I need to not spend any more money, I promised Andrew that I won't buy anything else for the house until we get everything we have put up or away and have all the rooms finished. This promise came after going to Hobby Lobby today though. :] I am so glad they were having a ton of their home stuff 50% off because I found these beauties for my kitchen:

Unfortunately my camera is dead and won't charge so the quality of this picture isn't very good. I can't wait for Andrew to build me some shelfs for the kitchen and to be able to put them up. I absolutely love them and think they have a  great look to them.

Now I'll just have to clean the house, organize the office, hang a ton of frames, buy mirrors, and fill a ton of picture frames and we should be good to go.

Here's to getting organized, decorating, and some day inviting people over to a finished home. :]


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