Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Costume Ideas

I have always loved the idea of couples costumes for Halloween. However, I never was able to pull it off without a companion to dress up with. LUCKILY I met my amazing husband in December of 2008 and we started dating in March of 2009. After being engaged in September we were able to dress up as a couple last Halloween. Because my husband loves all things cowboy and country, I let him decide what we dressed up as last year. As a result we were a cowboy and an indian. I didn't mind however because I have wanted to be an indian for awhile now. Here we are:

It was so fun to dress up together and even though it was a simple idea I think it turned out great. Also, just for fun here is a picture with me and "our little monster":
Now that we are married, I would love to dress up together again. I have a few ideas but can't decide. Luckily I am planning on searching this post by the Dating Divas for some more ideas.

What are YOU going to dress up as for Halloween?


  1. So cute! Im having a halloween game night, and I was going to be ji Joe and Jane with the hubs, but I found out another couple is being military, and thats too much camo for one night. I actually talked my hubs into being Mickey and Minnie! I am SO excited !This is definalty out of his box %100! LOL Hes a manly man, and mickey doesnt fit him. He's not much for dressing up, so his costume will most likely be a shirt, ears and I may be able to paint a nose haha! However, when we dated, he protest Halloween %100, so I've come a a long way with him! lol! But I wanted to be Minnie so bad, and he said he would rather us match! ha!

  2. Awh I'm glad you get to be what you want! Andrew and I are still debating on what we want to be but we are quickly running out of time, haha.


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