Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun with Monograms

Monograms are "hot" right now and since I've been married I've thought of two cute ways to incorporate your initials into your home. 

I have a really cute idea that just hasn't been finished yet but it starts with this framed monogram:
A few months ago I bought some cute scrapbook paper from Joann's, and printed out a letter "L". After tracing the L on red paper, I cut it out, glued it on to the detailed paper, and framed it. Simple yet cute. Eventually this will be a ceiling to floor picture wall with black frames, but for now we just are showcasing our last initial. :]

The next idea I had involved a bulletin board. I love the idea of bulletin boards but am not a fan of the cork board look. I painted the frame of the bulletin board black to match our house, then with the help of my amazing hubby had the cork board covered with cute fabric. THEN to add a little spice to the board I took a letter I bought from Hobby Lobby and modge-podged some paper on it. After placing the letter on the board it all came together.

Now we have a spot for bills we need to pay, cards people send us, invitations and the like. Who wouldn't want to display papers on this bulletin board? Haha. 

If you were wondering what is next to the bulletin board, it is chore charts. I made up both a daily chore chart and a weekly chart and framed it. We just mark off the chores as we do them and wipe them off when a new time period comes.

I love having my house come together and look forward to finishing up each room.

Do you have any organizational or monogram ideas?

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