Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today is officially the last day of classes for me. All that is left is final exams! YIPPEE! I'm so excited to be done with this horrible semester. I was doing so good, but math, I think I might have to take over again; it all depends on how I do on my final THIS SATURDAY! Dun Dun DUN!

Other than school stuff, which I haven't put 100% into, I've been planning my wedding to my best friend, Andrew Richard Lawrence. Yesterday we went and got the tuxes all squared away, as well as finished addressing the invitations other than Andrew's parent's list, which will be done tonight or tomorrow. Also tonight, we have our interview with the Stake President to get our Temple Recommends. I'm so excited to be able to marry Andrew for time and all eternity in the right place at the right time. I'm such a changed person from who I used to be, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm the happiest I've ever been and I hope and pray that I will continue to make the right decisions in the future, raise my children in the church, and learn from all my mistakes in the past. I'm just so happy with where my life is and where it is going.

So when it comes to the wedding planning, let's go through the checklist:
Temple booked: Check
Temple Recommends: Half Check, Full check tonight.
Temple Clothes: In the NEAR future
Wedding Dress: Check
Bride Accessories: Not done
Bridesmaids Dresses: Check
Bridesmaids Gifts: Half Check
Flowers: Check
Reception and Luncheon Site: Check
Caterers: Check (need to pick menu items though)
Decorator: Check
Favors: Need to Order
Garter: Need to Get
Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: Need Still
Card Box: Need to finish
Centerpieces: Need to finish
Tuxes: Check (boys just need to go get measured)
Invitations: Mostly Check
Marriage License: Need to get
Slideshow: Half done
DJ: Need to meet with him and pick songs
Guestbook: Need to add the pictures
Groomsmen Gifts: Know what we are getting, just have to actually get
Cake: Check
Honeymoon: Check
Hotel for a few nights before Honeymoon: Not Check
Bridals: Not check
Photographer: Check
Rings: Getting next weekend

And etc. etc. Most things are in the process, I just need to finish them up.

As far as Christmas, I have some shopping done, and I'm already returning items I decided I don't want/need. I'm also doing a surpise gift (with Andrew's support as well) that I'm really excited about. I just need more money if I want to get all I plan on giving. The Credit Card idea is no bueno. Good thing I have one of my Credit Cards TOTALLY payed off. Now I just have to work on the other one.

Either way, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CHRISTMAS SEASON! I can't wait to watch more Christmas Movies with my honey and move Andrew into OUR HOUSE! :] I'm so grateful to be a 19 year old who found her one true love, is getting married in the Las Vegas Temple, has the cutest puppy, has a job, is getting an education, has a family who loves and supports her, and has a house. I'm SO SO SO SO SO blessed and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for all I have. I'm so grateful for the way my life is going and for the person I am today. I hope I can share my joy with others, especially this Christmas Season and I hope everyone has the Christmas they were hoping for. I can't wait to get the rest of the Christmas Decorations out as well, because that is one of the best parts of Christmas! :]

I know this post is kind of disjointed, but I just wanted to update since I haven't in so long. I hope everyone is doing well, and excited for school to be done! I better work on my math homework though so I gotta go! :]


  1. yay! i love wedding plans! i cant wait to see your dress and how everything turns out : ]

  2. yahoo! I'm glad you put that list up. It's giving me a good idea of what else I need to get done! :) hah.
    Kayla. we're going to be married. in one month.

  3. chris! i can't wait to see how everything turns out either! :]

    and giulia- do you still have a lot of planning to do? did you get your invites out?

  4. yes. invites are out. dress is purchased and in the process of getting altered. :) and I guess all that's left for me to do is get my temple recommend and all my temple clothing etc. At least, that's all I can think of right now.....


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