Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Back Into It! :]

So, because of reading Giulia's blog I decided to get back into this thing, only this time I'm making it for Andrew AND I. Then when we get married it will be "The Lawrences"! :] YAYAYAYA How exciting right? Oh yeah, for those of you that don't know...we are ENGAGED. After my last post he popped the question!  Below is the story (copied from my Facebook post to save time!) He truly is the love of my life and proposed in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE! :] Here it goes:

Andrew told me earlier in the week of Sept 5th to not make plans for Saturday, so I got it off work. Then Friday after work he told me to go home and get ready because he had a surprise for me. I was kind of suspicious because I knew he was planning a trip to Arizona for Saturday so I wasn't sure what Friday night would have instore. Turns out he planned to take me to Sweet Tomatoes(my favorite restaurant) and to see (500) Days of Summer which I had asked him to take me to for weeks. He told me that the whole night was about me! I LOVED IT!

Later that night he didn't mention anything about our trip the next day or the surprise so I didn't ask anything. I slept in and was a mess when he showed up at my door step with flowers telling me to get ready.

After getting ready and packing a bag for the night, we ate some Del Taco and were on our way. I had managed to find out he was taking me somewhere "no one else had been with him before" and that we were sleeping in Meadview where his parents have a house but that's all he would let slip.
When we got to Meadview he turned up to go to his parents house and I asked, "I thought you had a surprise for me and were taking me where no one else had been?" He assured me that was still going to happen but we had to stop by the house first.

After a stop at the house and a quick trip to the store Andrew took me on this Pierce Ferrey(Sp?) street and told me the history then took me down this really bumpy road to a historic type spot. I won't lie, I was kind of disappointed at first because I thought he was going to take me somewhere romantic. After we looked around (it WAS kind of interesting) and I realized tons of people go there all the time because it's a tourist spot, I asked him if he was taking me somewhere else and he said yes.
After a little more of a drive he turned down a road that had a sign saying "Pierce Ferry air strip" so I figured we were going to another tourist stop, and wasn't that excited. When we got there things changed.

Right away you could see a beautiful valley/view. Then we got a blanket and a snack out of the truck and walked on a little trail, then off the trail and sat down on this cliff. It was SO beautiful! I started tearing up right then and there.
We ate our snack and took some pictures then we just looked at the view and talked. He told me how much he loved me and asked how I felt about him (all while I was bawling my eyes out I assure you). I told him how much I loved him too and after more talking he had us sit up (because we were laying on the blanket) and he said he had to get something out of his backpack. I knew he was going for the ring so I tried not to look at him getting it so it could be more of a surprise. Then he got down on one knee and said, "Kayla Rae Hammond, will you marry me and be with me forever?"

I couldn't even speak, I was crying so much, so I just shook my head yes. He asked "Is that a yes?" and I finally got the word out. Then we hugged and after a while he asked if I wanted to see the ring. I said "If you want to show me" and he took my CTR ring off and put my engagement ring on. I wasn't really concerned with the ring for awhile because I was so caught up in the moment.
We hugged more, kissed more, and of course I cried more and we just hungout for awhile. Just me and him, no one for miles, looking at the gorgeous view. After awhile I finally looked at the ring more and OF COURSE loved it! We took more pictures (and I look horrible in them from crying) and once it was getting too dark and the sunset was going away, we headed back to the truck so we could go back for dinner and I could call everyone!

That's the story. I'm in love with my best friend and I can't wait to be with him forever. He truly means the world to me and I know we're meant to be. So, January 2nd, 2010 we're getting married! :]


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