Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am so lucky to be in love with my best friend! Andrew means the world to me and everything he does makes me even happier. Tonight he told me to get ready and that he had a surprise for me. That surprise was a fun date! He took me to Sweet Tomatoes (my favorite restaurant) and I guessed that's where we were going, but he tried to trick me...and driving past it at first. Then he took me to see (500) Days of Summer which I had been asking him to take me too for weeks now. It really meant so much to me because I know he doesn't love Sweet Tomoatoes or gushy/lovey movies like that. This simple gesture just makes me love him more and more. He always does whatever he can to make me happy and I hope I can return the favor for him. I really do love him with all my heart.

He had me get tomorrow off of work so I did...and I can only imagine what my next surprise will have in store! :]


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