Friday, August 7, 2009


school is starting soon and i still need to register for one more class and figure out my schedule for sure and i still need to find a better job (i'm still hoping for wells fargo). but with all these serious things coming into play, i'm just not ready for summer to end. it's been the best summer of my life. i'm SO in love and i couldn't ask for anything different. i honestly never thought i'd be able to say that. i DREAMED of finding my perfect guy, but what i didn't know was that my definition of perfect had been wrong and i figured that out once i met andrew. he truly is the love of my life. i fell in love with him the night that i met him. i'm SO thankful that he is in my life. Heavenly Father truly has blessed me and I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing person in my life, but all i can do is continue to be thankful and let andrew know how much he means to me everyday. i feel bad because i get mad at him for the DUMBEST things and say "why are we together if you hate this or that" but i HONESTLY don't know what i would do without andrew. i can't see me doing anything in my future without andrew in the picture as well, and i don't know how i thought i was enjoying life without him in the past. i'm glad that i found the perfect guy FOR ME and that we are madly in love. i can't wait to continue dating him and eventually be with him forever. i can't wait to see him everynight and talk to him about everything that goes on in my life. he truly is my best friend and i love him with all my heart. this truly has been the best summer and i can't wait to spend the rest of it with andrew! :]


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