Friday, April 16, 2010

No Fires Please!

So my life is pretty crazy right now, but I'll get to that in a moment, and will clarify my choice of "Title." For now, I will update you on my life since February. I always get on this site to read people's blogs, but when it comes to updating my own, I'm not too good.

Since February we've been working, and I've been going to school, basically just living life. When we aren't worn out from our long weeks, we attempt to work on the house. However, that often get's put on the back burner because we are just so tired. I wish that wasn't the case though since I want to have BBQs and have tons of parties, but with our house in the shape it is now, that won't be happening. In February we tried to have a fun day by going to Nascar, but when we showed up, we had no tickets at will call, so we basically drove out there for nothing. It was still an adventure though.

On March 12 we celebrated our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of when we started dating. I'm so lucky to have found the love of my life and can't wait to spend eternity with him. I found a really cute little red bowling ball made of foam stuff at Target and wrote all our significant dates from our relationship on it. I don't have any pictures but I thought it was cute since we first met at a bowling alley. We tried to go to dinner that night a Little Carmines, where we went on one of our first dates, but unfortunately they were shut down, so we went to Texas Roadhouse or something like that instead. It was a good night.

Also in March we made a trip to Meadview the weekend of the 20th. We just hungout and the boys went for dirtbike rides. On Saturday we got the guns out and shot our new toy, which we got as a wedding gift. My hubby is quite happy about that gift, haha.
In March my hubby surprised me with BEAUTIFUL Gerber Daisies, and we also went on dates every week of course. March was a pretty good month.

Now for APRIL! The month of my birthday. While this month started off by going really slow, I thought this month was going to be dreadful and drag on, but it is instead full of surprises! Of course Easter happened, which was pretty good! We just hung around the house, then went to Zack and Lindsay's for lunch and Mom and Pop's for dinner. We of course exchanged Easter Baskets and ate tons of good food. Easter was a good day and my puppy looked THE CUTEST! :]

Also in April we found out we are going to have a new NIECE! :] Zack and Lindsay are having a baby girl Payton in September and we couldn't be more excited. I got to go to the ultrasound and it was absolutely beautiful!:]
On April 10th we went to the Clark County Fair! I had never been before and it was really fun besides Andrew getting sick from the rides and me getting bruises from them. The rodeo was an absolute BLAST and I LOVED spending the day with my hubby, just me and him. I definitely want to go back in the future, just without the fried food!
We of course HAD to go on the Farris Wheel! It's tradition. Anyways, after that fun adventure, we just simply kept with the normal routine, until Wednesday night when I was on my way home from work. I was having a hard time getting ahold of Andrew and when he finally did answer he said something about his parents' house being on fire. I was mad cause I thought he was lying, but I drove straight there and sure enough there were fire trucks and cop cars EVERYWHERE! I started bawling right away and called Andrew and LUCKILY everyone was okay except we didn't know where Chica, their little dog, was. I had no idea what went on at first, but this is the story:
All the boys were at scouts and they called and had Michelle (my Mother-In-Law) come and bring some scout papers to them. When she left, the house was fine and she told the puppies she'd be right back. Kobe (their bigger dog) had been put outside because he had pooped in the house, but Chica was inside. When she was done dropping off the papers, she pulled up in the drive way but decided to not go inside because she knew she would fall asleep. Instead she went to the library to find a book she had been reading and spent about a half hour there. When she was almost done, DJ (my little brother-in-law) called her saying that the house was on fire, but she didn't believe him (who would?) just like I didn't believe Andrew. However, when she got home, sure enough it was the case. I guess when DJ skateboarded home from scouts, he went to open the door and when he did a TON of smoke came out. He couldn't even go in the house and he immediately started yelling "FIRE!" and thought Michelle was in the house. Two neighbor men RAN over and busted the backdoor down and started working against the flames. While this was happening, DJ called Andrew and Andrew literally SPED over. When he got there he busted through the front door and ran to their mom's room to make sure she wasn't home! The smoke was so thick I guess that he could barely breathe and ended up having to army crawl out of the house. Luckily Michelle wasn't in the house and everyone was safe. When they were trying to stop the fire, stupid cops (and no I don't hate cops, just one in particular is NASTY in BC) came and pulled their gun out on them practically and made them leave. That's when the fire department stepped in.
After all things were put out and the whole house was covered in smoke and water, I guess the kitchen is wiped out and a lot of things aren't salvagable. I guess Andrew found poor Chica under DJ's bed and their bird passed too. We hope they both were sleeping so it wasn't rough, but Michelle did not take her Chica Dog dying good at all. I'm happy that Michelle decided not to go in the house though, and now that was Heavenly Father watching over her. She probably would have been napping and slept through the fire or something. To say the least, the past few days have been HORRIBLE and right now they are staying at our house until they figure everything out. I'm really glad that we are able to have them stay with us so they feel more comfortable in their situation and that so many people are being so helpful.
One bright side to the situation, other than everyone being okay, is that Michelle has been trying to keep her mind off things so she helped me straighten up the kitchen. We got ALL our kitchen presents put away and we are just trying to make the house more livable and homey for our guests.

I guess we are just going to go on and try to take everything one step at a time. And I feel bad, but we are celebrating my birthday this weekend still. I knew I was not looking forward to my birthday for some reason, and this must have been it, aside from not being a teenager anymore too.
If anyone who even reads this could PLEASE keep my family in your thoughts and prayers I'd really appreciate it. I can't even imagine what they are going to have to go through to get everything back to "normal" again and we are just along for the ride. I hope you all are having a better April than we are. I enjoy reading blogs, so keep it up!

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  1. I'm SO glad everyone is OK! I was in complete shock when I heard the news. I'm so happy for you two and that you're doing so well. The house looks ADORABLE! Brad and I have been remembering Andrew's parents in our prayers every day :) I hope all is well and continues to be that way.


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