Thursday, July 23, 2009

we made it!

After quite a few delays, including me falling back asleep and having to clean my room, we finally left for panguitch today (well I guess it's considered yesterday seeing as it's 1:30 in the morning...or 2:30 utah time). Because I was so far behind that caused a fight with Andrew and then a few more tifts happened on the way up due to car problems and such, but we finally made it to grandma's house in Panguitch! Don't worry though...I took a few pictures from the ride up here:

Andrew and I had to take Maxie with us so my mom could leave straight from work! He loved the car ride. He also loves to give kisses. Haha.

Andrew HAS TO HAVE his seeds when he drives so he doesn't fall asleep. I got an action shot of the typical seed chewing! :]And this is Maxie...the last picture from today who is SO upset he has to be trapped in his kennal at night here now...ANOTHER result of the dang sleeping upstairs rule. At least he wasn't trapped in it the whole way up here, right?

We haven't really done anything yet, since we got here pretty 10 or so utah time, but I have high hopes for the rest of the trip even with all the new rules in place! Grandma suddenly made it so none of us can sleep downstairs (which is where we sleep EVERY YEAR) so we are all sweltering upstairs in the non-air-conditioned house while she sleeps downstairs. She said she won't budge on the issue either. We'll see how hot and uncomfortable we are tonight to see how tomorrow's sleeping arrangements go! We also have to only use this weird entry door so the carpet doesn't get a lot of traffic on it. It's weird though since we are always in the living room anyways so either way it's going to get traffic. Whatever, I guess we just have to comply. I hope all these new rules don't mess with the fun-ness that IS Panguitch for the 24th of July.

Anyways... Momma got here an hour or so before us and Dad, Krista, and Zack, Lindsay, and Jackson are coming up tomorrow. I can't wait for the parade and all the 24th festivities and then Krista's birthday celebration on the 25th as well! It's tradition to come up here at this time of the year and I'm so glad we have continued coming.

I better go to sleep though since Andrew said he wants to go on a hike in Bryce Canyon tomorrow...I know, EEK! But I'm sure it will be fun. I better be well rested though, so goodnight!


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