Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home at last.

This past weekend I went to Panguitch, Utah with Andrew and mi familia. IT WAS A BLAST, aside from my emotional problems that is. I've come to realize that people can REALLY hurt my feelings without them even knowing it. I guess I'm just a really sensitive person. But anyways, back to the trip.
I already covered the ride up there so I'll go from there.
Thursday July 23rd included:
A Bryce Canyon hike with Andrew and mi Madre. It was beautiful but what was supposed to be an "easy" hike was pretty tough, especially on my fragile Momma. It was fun though either way and I'm glad we went. Later that day we just relaxed and waited for Krista and my Daddy to make it into town. They did and we just hungout around Grama's house and had pizza. A pretty good day.

Friday, July 24th included:

A VERY HAPPY PIONEER DAY! Andrew and I woke up and went to the pancake breakfast (so did my Aunt Shaun, Mandy, and Hayley. Then we came home and took a nap, followed by the parade which was a lot of fun. After that was over, Andrew and I went on a short quad ride before the BBQ luncheon. The rest of the day involved a nap and the rodeo at night! After the rodeo we went and got our fishing licenses then Andrew and I went to Henries for some dipped cones and at them in one of the church's parking lots. On our way home Andrew stopped and picked me some cute daises! He's the best boyfriend EVER! I LOVE the 24th of July in Panguitch! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world!
Saturday, July 25th included:

MY SISTER'S 23rd BIRTHDAY! We started the day off by waking up at 5 to go fishing. Jared came with my Parents, Krista, Andrew and I and we all caught a few fish except Andrew had horrible luck when it came to catching fish and he caught none. I don't know why the fish didn't want to nibble at his bait...probably because they knew they would recieve a quick death if they did, haha. After fishing we had Henrie's for lunch SO GOOD! Then took a nap (as you can see Panguitch is full of food and naps, haha!) and later that night went to the Pine's for dinner. Zack, Lindsay, and Jackson came too and then after we went back to Grama's for presents, cake, and ice cream. I think she had a pretty good birthday!
Then finally, Sunday July 26th included:

Church in the morning. Then a trip to the cemetary to see my Grandpa Lewis' grave. After that we got ready to leave and Andrew and I went down by the lake and had lunch then went on a short quad ride to our carved tree where we added a new date and took some pictures. Then it was time to go home! :[ On the way home though we stopped at this beautiful (and some what scary) over-look thing and took some pictures before the rest of our journey back to Henderson!
I'm really glad I got to go to Panguitch and that Andrew could come with me and experience what I've been doing since I can remember! It was a GREAT vacation overall, full of old traditions and new experiences as well. :]


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