Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tonight we went to NEWLYWED NIGHT at Bishop Waltons house and had a lot of fun. We ate dinner and talked and it was just nice to catch up with some other couples and the Bishopric. I truly miss the Singles Ward and the Bishopric. They always make you feel so comfortable and welcome and are just great church leaders. I'm SO GLAD we decided to go.


Since I'm a fat lard after being married to the love of my life and am gaining "the married million" (hahaha) I've decided to start a strict diet and exercise program and start doing weight watchers again SO I can look like THIS or better:

I plan on going to the gym twice a day (if my schedule permits it), try to do the Pussycat Doll workout video (which I don't recommend to ANYONE because of the wack jobs in it, but bought it so I have to do it), doing at least one drop in water aerobics class a week, and taking DAISY for a walk each day. Going to the Weight Watchers Meetings starts a week from today, and for the time being I'm watching what I eat.

I'm hoping Andrew can start coming with me again how we used to for 1 hour a night, and then after we get to our goal weight I'll limit my routine to just the one hour with Andrew and eating right.

I can't stand gaining weight back that I worked so hard to get off in high school, so this has to work and I need to get healthy, but this time for life.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER that it's summer time. I absolutely love not having to worry about college or homework (aside from how I'm going to afford it this fall), and enjoy being a wife. Finals are over and I ended up with MUCH better grades than I thought, including three B's and 2 A's. HOLLA! This is really good in my opinion, especially since 3 of my finals were taken in a hotel room in Logan, Utah where we went to support my Brother-in-law graduating from college. It was a fun 4 day trip and we got to go to Lagoon for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, my mom took all the pictures, so I'll have to post some of those later. The only pictures I DO have are from Danny Glover speaking at USU's graduation and AN AMAZING rainbow Andrew and I saw on the way home:

In other news, we've been married 4 months and with school, work, and everything else going on we haven't had a chance to get our house all put together yet. I hate having so much to do on the house and can't wait to have all our rooms put together so we can have tons of fun parties and get togethers. :] Luckily, now that it's summer, this is now a possibility. Today I spent all day doing laundry and putting stuff away and I'm happy to say I put a slight dent in the work to be done. ALSO with school being over with I've had the chance to cook dinner every night this week. Not only is this good for our wallets, but hopefully it will be good for our health as well. Andrew and I have both gained some married weight and look forward to working it all off.

Our only other issues are, a DANG OVEN that chooses when it wants to heat up. If only we had money for a new electric oven. My dang "t" on the keyboard chooses when it wants to work as well, making it hard to post blogs. Also, my cousin who is only a month older than me is getting married when we are going to be in Costa Rica, so we won't be able to be there for her. She's going through the temple when we'll be gone too so basically, the only thing I could be involved with was her Bridal Shower. I organized one of the games with an idea my cousin had (which was a hit if I do say so myself), and made her the traditional bridal shower hat. The game involved memorizing all the items in the apron and I had a cute saying for each item included.

OH! I almost forgot to mention: Andrew and I get the pleasure of speaking in church this Sunday. I hope we do a good job and hope our familias are able to make it. Other than that, I'm just a primary teacher for CTR 7, work almost 40 hours a week, and had an interview for a promotion. Andrew works over 40 hours a week, works on our house, and is one of the priest leaders at church. At home we get to spend time with our adorable little puppy and give her baths.

She does a lot of cute things, including some tricks, but I can only prove what we have on video:

That's all for now. Since I have work at 4:45AM I better get going. GOOD NIGHT! :]

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Since I am sitting at school waiting for my final to start in an hour, and because I already did my paper, which I thought was going to be a week late, but instead is actually due today (mini victory for me) and I have nothing to do, I decided I would update my blog.

On April 18th I turned the big 2-0 and am now no longer considered a teenager. While I feel kind of down about that, almost everyday at work I have people ask me how old I am and tell me I look really young, so I guess I should be happy about that. Anyways, my birthday was celebrated  4 days in a row and I ABSOLUTELY loved it, even if Andrew might not have. Friday night (the 16th) I went out to dinner with the Lawrence side of the family. We went to Coyotes and it was SOOOO yummy. They spoiled me of course and I got a really cute Betsey Johnson purse, some sun dresses, a really cute Invicta watch, a gift card to Charlotte Russe, some Tapout cups, and some computer accessories. The workers also sang to me and fed me ice cream. While that part was kind of awkward it was still a fun night.

The next day on Saturday (the 17th) Andrew and I slept in and then went to lunch at Red Robin...yummmm! We then made the trek to Stateline to ride the roller coasters and then go shopping. The rides were SO FUN (besides the gun/boat ride not working) and the roller coaster was freaking SCARY!
After the rides, Andrew took me shopping but I of course didn't find anything I liked. We even went to town square, but I only found a really cute shirt. After the shopping adventure wasn't as successful as I would have liked we went to Olive Garden for dinner and then went home.

On SUNDAY MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY we went to church where I taught primary for the first time (even though I wasn't supposed to teach that week). The kids were kind of bad and when they found out it was my birthday one of the girls was like "you should have told us, we would have been gooder." It was so cute, but I didn't have anything for them to celebrate my birthday so I simply didn't tell them. They had to find out in sharing time, but oh well. After church Andrew and I took a long deserved nap after all the fire drama. After we woke up he took me shopping AGAIN where I didn't find much. Then we decided to go to Chili's because that's what we did for my 19th birthday when Andrew came to visit me in Logan. He is such a sweetheart and I loved that he thought of that idea. Finally on MONDAY the 19th of April we celebrated with my side of the familia by going to Claim Jumpers! It was good to spend time with the family and I'm so thankful everyone celebrated with me and the presents were a plus too ;]. OH! And on that WEDNESDAY I got to see Stephy when she took me to get pedicures. Then we went to Olive Garden and saw Kierstin and Leanna where Kierstin bought me dinner.

I guess turning 20 isn't so bad, especially since I got spoiled so much! :]

Now that the birthday celebrations are over I'm just focusing on the last week of school. This semester was not so good for me and I realized that online classes and night classes are not for me. Next semester I'm going to work MUCH harder and I'm even taking two classes with Stephy! Yippee! I just realize that after being married, school was the LAST thing I wanted to focus on, but maybe next semester will be better. I definitely need to get my major switched and start taking the right classes so school doesn't last so long for me. I think I've finally decided to be a teacher. Also, maybe I'll go to hair school some day and try that out. My options are open and I realize it's better that way.

This summer I'm just going to work and try to have the BEST SUMMER EVER with my hubby. He truly is the best thing that's ever happened to me and always tries to make me happy. This week alone he's surprised me with a shirt and hand picked flowers from the dessert. He makes me dinner when I'm busy and just always tries to make my life easier. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing man in my life and can't wait to continue our journey.

ALSO: Hanging out with my ADORABLE nephew a lot wouldn't be a bad thing either this summer.